May 28, 2020

Indian Law Bulletins Updated 5/28

We have scoured the web. Here are some of the latest materials related to Indian Law. Find all of the latest updates at

U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin
Petition for certiorari was filed in one case on 5/14/20:
Rogers County Board of Tax Roll Corrections, et al. v. Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act)
and was denied in another case on 5/26/20:
Noem v. Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe (Indian Gaming)

Federal Courts Bulletin
United States v. Unzueta (Indian Status)
Citizens for Clean Energy and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe v. Department of the Interior (Federal Coal Leases)
Grand Canyon Trust v. Provencio (Uranium Mining; Cultural Resources)
Holy v. Department of Interior (Tribal Constitutions)
Gila River Indian Community v. Cranford (Reserved Water Rights)

State Courts Bulletin
Pamela J. v. Department of Child Safety, T.C., J.C., Navajo Nation (Indian Child Welfare Act)

U.S. Legislation - 116th Congress Bulletin
  • S.Res.591 - A resolution promoting minority health awareness and supporting the goals and ideals of National Minority Health Month in April 2020, which include bringing attention to the health disparities faced by minority populations of the United States such as American Indians, Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders.
Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin (contact us if you need help finding a copy of an article)
  • Ending the interminable gap in Indian Country water quality protection.
  • The Louisiana Purchase: Indian and American sovereignty in the Missouri Watershed.
News Bulletin
This week, in brief:
  • 'We are thrilled': Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe hails victory for sovereignty
  • Project to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the United States
  • Quinault Indian Nation comments on Chehalis River Dam Project
  • Montana court temporarily blocks Montana law that restricts Native American voting rights
  • Opinion: Wado to Cherokee foster parents
  • The Sioux man 'empowering' Standing Rock with solar power
  • Navajo Technical University to develop environmental engineering program
  • Tribal leaders share relief funding challenges
  • Montana Democrats seek more Natives in local elections
  • Fewer polling places present challenges for Native voters
  • 'Powwow Pop Art' and perseverance