May 21, 2007

EPA documents at the library

Last year, several regional libraries of the Environmental Protection Agency were closed, leaving the status of numerous documents and materials uncertain. In February, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hosted an oversight hearing regarding the library closures and the possible disposal of various documents. A full summary of the closures can be found at Information Today's web site.

The National Indian Law Library has approximately 130 materials that are EPA-related. They are either authored by the EPA, or the subject matter is related to the EPA. The library also monitors the Environmental Protection Agency's web site for materials having to do with tribes and environmental management. Library researchers can access this information by using the library's online catalog.

May 15, 2007

DOI & EPA Issue Report on Tribal Protection of the Environment

"Tribal Successes: Protecting the Environment and Natural Resources" was published earlier this month. This 42 page report was issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior and the Offices of Inspector General. It highlights successful innovative practices of 14 different tribes who overcame legal and regulatory issues, resource limitations, and communication problems to acheive environment and natural resources protection goals.

May 8, 2007

Briefing Paper on Methamphetamines Discusses Tribal Solutions

A briefing paper from the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) discusses tribal initiatives to combat the problem of methamphetamine trafficking and use in tribal communities. Published at NCAI's web site, the paper discusses new anti-meth criminal codes and cooperative agreements between tribes and nearby cities, among other solutions. Contact information for tribal leaders, whose initiatives are discussed, is provided. Titled "Methamphetamines in Indian Country: an American Problem Uniquely Affecting Indian Country," the briefing paper was published in November 30, 2006 and is at NCAI's web site. It was also reprinted in the December 2006 issue of Native American Law Digest.