October 24, 2008

In the Indian Law Bulletins this week:

  • A case against the United States alleging trust mismanagement and a failure to properly account for trust funds. Federal Trial Courts
  • A case relating to termination of parental rights under the Indian Child Welfare Act. State Courts
  • A notice from the Secretary of the Interior announcing the Department's intent to form a negotiated rulemaking committee to develop recommendations for proposed regulations regarding Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)-funded school facilities under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Regulatory bulletin
  • News relating to the current state of the Indian Health Service in the "Health & Welfare" section of the News Bulletin.

October 21, 2008

Navajo Nation Code Available at Reduced Rate

The Navajo Nation Office of Legislative Council has announced a deep discount on the cost of the 4 hardbound volumes of the Navajo Nation Code. You can purchase the code for $150.00 plus shipping and tax. In addition, the CD-Rom version of the code is available for only $50.00 plus shipping and tax.

Contact the Office of Legislative Council to purchase a copy or for additional information at: 928-871-7166.

October 17, 2008

New content posted in the following NILL Indian Law Bulletins

U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin - find it at: http://www.narf.org/nill/bulletins/sct/2008-2009update.htm . Petitions for writ of certiorari were filed in two cases relating to possession of eagle feathers: Friday v. United States and Rodriguez-Martinez v. United States.

U.S. Trial Courts Bulletin - find it at: http://www.narf.org/nill/bulletins/dct/currentdct.htm . This week we feature the Alaska v. Federal Subsistence Board case granting residents of a rural community in Southeast Alaska a customary and traditional use determination (C & T determination) for moose.

News Bulletin - find it at: http://www.narf.org/nill/bulletins/news/currentnews.htm . Check out news stories relating to the federal government turning over federal land to the Pechanga Tribe in California for use as a wildlife preserve.

October 8, 2008

U.S. Supreme Court: 5 Indian Law Cases Denied Review on 10/06/08.

On 10/06/08, petitions for writ of certiorari were denied in South Fork Band v. United States, Matheson v. Gregoire, Klamath Tribes of Oregon v. PacificCorp, Kemp v. Osage Nation, and Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas v. Texas.

Our Supreme Court Bulletin is at http://www.narf.org/nill/bulletins/sct/2008-2009update.htm

October 3, 2008

Indian Law Bulletins updated

This week we feature:

U.S. Supreme Court: On 10/1/08, petitions for writ of certiorari were granted in United States v. Navajo Nation and Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Ho-Chunk v. Wisconsin was dismissed under rule 46.

Federal Court of Appeals: A case decided on 9/24/08 relating to an arrest of tribal members on tribal land and the sale of cigarettes.

Federal Trial Courts: A case relating to a Native American defendant who was charged with conspiracy to defraud United States.

State Courts: A case decided on 9/29/08 in Louisiana relating to suit by an Indian tribe against an engineering firm for damages related to various contracts concerning an electric power plant.

News: A story published on 9/19/08 on U.S. legislation that would impact the Indian tobacco industry.