October 3, 2008

Indian Law Bulletins updated

This week we feature:

U.S. Supreme Court: On 10/1/08, petitions for writ of certiorari were granted in United States v. Navajo Nation and Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Ho-Chunk v. Wisconsin was dismissed under rule 46.

Federal Court of Appeals: A case decided on 9/24/08 relating to an arrest of tribal members on tribal land and the sale of cigarettes.

Federal Trial Courts: A case relating to a Native American defendant who was charged with conspiracy to defraud United States.

State Courts: A case decided on 9/29/08 in Louisiana relating to suit by an Indian tribe against an engineering firm for damages related to various contracts concerning an electric power plant.

News: A story published on 9/19/08 on U.S. legislation that would impact the Indian tobacco industry.