April 27, 2007

Action in the Supreme Court on two Indian law cases

The Court issued a decision in the Zuni Public School District, et al. v. Department of Education, et al. case on 4/17/07.

Petition for writ of certiorari was denied on 4/16/07 in Davidson v. Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority.

Read about these cases in the library's Supreme Court Bulletin.

April 24, 2007

Climate Change and its Effects on Native Peoples in Alaska

We have just posted a significant update to our selected list of resources entitled: "Climate Change and its Effects on Native Peoples in Alaska." This list focuses on studies, reports, and articles relating to global warming Native Peoples in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. It also provides citations to many of the major studies on climate change. Links are available for many of the resources found on the web. NARF is becoming active in this important area and will be discussing its future role at our next board meeting on May 4.

See: http://www.narf.org/nill/resources/climatechange.pdf