September 15, 2021

Indian Law Bulletins Updated 9/15/21

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U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin

  • Additional petitions for certiorari challenging McGirt v. Oklahoma have been filed.
  • Four petitions for certiorari were filed on 9/3/21:
    • Haaland v. Brackeen (Indian Child Welfare Act)
    • Cherokee Nation v. Brackeen (Indian Child Welfare Act)
    • Texas v. Haaland (Indian Child Welfare Act)
    • Brackeen v. Haaland (Indian Child Welfare Act)

Federal Courts Bulletin

  • Chase v. Andeavor Logistics, L.P. (Indian Country Trespass; Pipeline Development)
  • Holguin v. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (Tribal Sovereign Immunity; Law Enforcement Jurisdiction; Tribal Exhaustion Doctrine)

State Courts Bulletin

  • Interest of K.B. (Indian Child Welfare Act)
  • Matter of D.A. (Indian Child Welfare Act)

U.S. Legislation - 117th Congress Bulletin

  • S.2728 - A bill to amend title VI of the Social Security Act to extend the coverage of Coronavirus Relief Fund payments to Tribal Governments.
  • H.R.5221 - Urban Indian Health Confer Act
  • H.R.5234 - To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for elective payments to Indian tribal governments for energy property and electricity produced from certain renewable resources.

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin (contact us if you need help finding a copy of an article)

  • The tribal right to exclude others from Indian-owned lands.
  • Impact of the coronavirus and federal responses on Indigenous peoples' health, security, and sovereignty.
  • State v. Nobles: Chance to settle needless jurisdictional turbulence.
  • The Supreme Court of Washington's broad interpretation of the "reason to know" standard in In Re Dependency of Z.J.G. and why a uniform, broad interpretation of the standard will lead to better outcomes.

News Bulletin
This week, in brief:

  • 6 things you should know about the 2021 Native American Voting Rights Act
  • Cherokee Nation passes historic nearly $3 billion budget
  • Chair Grijalva introduces the Urban Indian Health Confer Act to create parity for American Indians and Alaska Natives living in urban areas
  • In 'This Land,' a custody tribal over Native children heads to the Supreme Court
  • Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission receives Bureau of Indian Affairs tribal climate resilience funding
  • Hundreds march in Pierre, demanding resignation of numerous South Dakota public officials for Indigenous erasure
  • Native American women lose nearly $1 million to the pay gap over their careers--and COVID-19 could make the disparity worse
  • Stronghearts Native Helpline releases one year sexual violence advocacy report
  • 'We gave them a lot of authority to guide us': How the Native tribes of Oklahoma are helping shape the new First Americans Museum