December 8, 2017

NILL added new content to the Indian Law Bulletins on 12/7

U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin
Petition for certiorari was filed on 11/27/17 in: Renteria, et al. v. Superior Court of California, Tulare County, et al. (Indian Child Welfare Act - Application of)

U.S. Federal Courts Bulletin
Lower Elwha Klallam Indian Tribe v. Lummi Nation (Fishing Rights - Usual and Accustomed Fishing Areas)

State Courts Bulletin
In the Interest of K.G. and A.R. (Indian Child Welfare Act - Notice)
Brown v. Garcia (Disenrollment; Tribal Sovereign Immunity)
Flathead Joint Board of Control v. State of Montana (Water Compacts)

Hands Off Bears Ears
News Bulletin
In the Sacred Places section, we feature articles about the Trump administration's decisions to revoke and replace Bears Ears National Monument. 

U.S. Legislation Bulletin
We added the following bills and resolutions:
  • H.R.4506: To provide incentives to encourage tribal job creation and economic activity, and for other purposes.
  • H.R.4490: To establish an integrated national approach to respond to ongoing and expected effects of extreme weather and climate change by protecting, managing, and conserving the fish, wildlife, and plants of the United States, to maximize government efficiency and reduce costs, in cooperation with state, local, and tribal governments and other entities, and for other purposes.
  • H.R.4532: To create the first tribally managed national monument, and for other purposes.
  • S.2189: A bill to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower and settlement of Plymouth Colony, the signing of the Mayflower compact near Provincetown, and the role of the indigenous Wampanoag Tribes in the realization of the settlement.

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin
We feature these articles:
  • Resource Wars: A conflict of interests in the Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area.
  • Melting ice, shifting seas: An Arctic law update.
  • The Oil Sands of time: Pipelines and promises.

U.S. Regulatory Bulletin
The Department of Commerce has published a notice relating to endangered and threatened species and taking of anadromous fish.