July 24, 2014

NILL added new content to 6 Indian Law Bulletins on 7/24

drawing of a judge's gavel
Thanks to Courtney Hall, our new volunteer, for her great work on these bulletins! 
* U.S. Courts of Appeals Bulletin - find case summaries and links to source documents at:
United States v. Whiteagle (bribery of tribal legislator)

* State Courts Bulletin - find case summaries and links to source documents at:
Cases featured:
In re of Mischa S. (Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act, unconstitutional)
Simmonds v. Parks (full faith and credit, Indian Child Welfare Act)

* News Bulletin - find it at:
http://www.narf.org/nill/bulletins/news/currentnews.htmIn the "Economic Development" section, we feature a few articles dealing with changes in and the future of Indian gaming.

* U.S. Legislation Bulletin – information and links relating to legislation impacting Native Americans at:
Five bills were added:
S.2479 - Moapa Band of Paiutes Land Conveyance Act
S.2465 - Albuquerque Indian School Land Transfer Act
S.2041 - May 31, 1918 Act Repeal Act
S.1948 - Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act
H.R.4867- Economic Development Through Tribal Land Exchange Act

* Regulatory Bulletin - find it at:
We feature a notice of the Department of Interior regarding a sovereignty in Indian education grant program. 

* Law Review & Bar Journal Indian Law Bulletin - find article citations and links to articles at:
We feature an article on how tribes and states can overcome the chilling effect of the Paygo Act in water settlements.