April 26, 2012

NILL added new content to 7 Indian Law Bulletins on 4/25

* U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin
Petition for certiorari was denied in McCrary v. Ivanof Bay Village (recognized tribes) on 4/23/12.

* U.S. Courts of Appeals Bulletin
Case featured:
Rincon Mushroom Corporation of America v. Mazzetti (exhaustion of tribal remedies, jurisdiction)

* State Courts Bulletin
http://www.narf.org/nill/bulletins/state/currentstate.htmCases featured:
In re Enrique P. (Indian Child Welfare Act, placement)

* News Bulletin
 In the "Health & Welfare" section we feature a story about a United Nations investigation on the plight of US Native Americans.
* Law Review & Bar Journal Indian Law Bulletin
We feature an article on the international law of colonialism.

* U.S. Legislation Bulletin
We feature 1 new bill: H.R.4467: To amend section 520E of the Public Health Service act to require States and their designees receiving grants for development or implementation of statewide suicide early intervention and prevention strategies to consult with each Federally recognized Indian tribe, tribal organization, and urban Indian organization in the State.

* Regulatory Bulletin
The Department of Interior has published proposed rules relating to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.