January 25, 2018

NILL added new content to the Indian Law Bulletins on 1/25

Photo of U.S. Supreme Court building

U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin
Petition for certiorari was denied in Alaska v. Ross (Climate Change; Endangered Species) on 1/22/18.
Petition for certiorari was filed in R.K.B. et al. v. E.T. (Indian Child Welfare Act - Definition of Parent) on 12/29/17.

U.S. Federal Courts Bulletin
Pro-Football, Inc. v. Blackhorse (Trademarks)
Buchwald Capital Advisors v. Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians (Tribal Sovereign Immunity)

State Courts Bulletin
In re Elizabeth M. (Indian Child Welfare Act - Notice)
Wilkinson v. Native American Rights Fund (Land Surveys - Sacred Sites)

News Bulletin
In the Economic Development section, we feature an article about U.S. legislation to make unionizing tribal casinos difficult.

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin
  • Practicing Indian Law in Federal, State, and Tribal criminal courts: An update about recent expansion of criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians.
  • Environmental Personhood.
  • Salvaging the United Nations REDD program against the backdrop of international human rights violations.
  • Honor killing and the Indigenous peoples: Cultural right or human right violation?
  • Getting to the root of environmental injustice: Evaluating claims, causes, and solutions.
  • Making strategic choices: How and why Indian groups advocated for Federal Recognition from 1977 to 2012.
U.S. Legislation Bulletin
  • H.R.4807: Dine College Act of 2018.
  • S.2316: Native American Livestock Assistance Act of 2018.
U.S. Regulatory Bulletin   
We feature a notice of Bureau of Indian Affairs rate adjustments for Indian irrigation projects.