August 13, 2014

NILL added new content to 6 Indian Law Bulletins on 7/31

Please note: To view these updates, please look in the “archives” sections of the bulletin pages as these updates were posted prior to the 8/8 update.

 * U.S. Courts of Appeals Bulletin - find case summaries and links to source documents at:
Cayuga Indian Nation v. Seneca County (valorem property taxes, sovereign immunity)

* United States Federal Trial Courts Bulletin - find case summaries and links to source documents at:
Cases featured:
United States v. Hemme (Lacey Act, Tribal conservation code)

* News Bulletin - find it at:
In the "Recognition & Enrollment" section, we feature a story about comments on the proposed BIA recognition rule.

* U.S. Legislation Bulletin – information and links relating to legislation impacting Native Americans at:
One new bill was added:
H.R.2442 - Duwamish Tribal Recognition Act
Three bills became law:
H.R.507 - Pascua Yaqui Tribe Trust Land Act, became Public Law 113-27
S.156 - Huna Tlingit Traditional Gull Egg Use Act, became Public Law 113-142
S.27 - Hill Creek Cultural Preservation and Energy Development Act, became Public Law 113-57

* Regulatory Bulletin - find it at:
We feature notices from the Department of Interior relating to an extension of time and additional hearings scheduled for the proposed tribal recognition rule. 

* Law Review & Bar Journal Indian Law Bulletin - find article citations and links to articles at: 
We feature an article on the conflict between Indigenous customs and state laws.