June 19, 2013

NILL added new content to 7 Indian Law Bulletins on 6/19

Supreme Court building
* U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin
Petition for certiorari was denied in Miller v. Wright (tribal sovereign immunity) on 6/17/13.

* United States Courts of Appeals Bulletin
Magnan v. Trammell (criminal jurisdiction)
Quantum Entertainment Ltd. v. U.S. Dept. of the Interior (natural gas distribution contract)

* State Courts Bulletin
Cases featured:
Sue/perior Concrete & Paving, Inc. v. Lewiston Golf Course Corp. (tribal sovereign immunity)
In re Guardianship of K.B.F. (Indian Child Welfare Act, guardianship)
State, ex rel., Children, Youth and Families Dept. v. Marsalee P. (Indian Child Welfare Act, application)

* News Bulletin
In the "Environment & Energy" section we include an article about a proposed wind energy project partnership with the Sioux Nations in South Dakota.

* Law Review & Bar Journal Indian Law Bulletin http://www.narf.org/nill/bulletins/lawreviews/currentlr.htm  
We feature an article on the issue of right to counsel for Indians accused of a crime. 

* Regulatory Bulletin
One of the items we feature is a notice of the Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General regarding a pilot project for tribal jurisdiction over crimes of domestic violence.

* U.S. Legislation Bulletin
Three new bills were added:
H.R.2332 - To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to recognize Indian tribal governments for purposes of determining under the adoption credit whether a child has special needs.
H.R.740 - Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization and Jobs Protection Act
H.R.931 - To provide for the addition of certain real property to the reservation of the Siletz Tribe in the State of Oregon.