January 25, 2012

NILL added new content to 6 Indian Law Bulletins on 1/25

* U.S. Courts of Appeals Bulletin
Cases featured:
United States v. Juvenile Male (criminal jurisdiction, who is Indian)

* U.S. Trial Courts Bulletin
Cases featured:
Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin v. United States (Health and Human Services contract)
United States v. Youngbear (valid search warrant)
Robinson v. Salazar (right of occupancy, recognized tribe)

* State Courts Bulletin
Cases featured:
Bradley v. Bear (jurisdiction)
Carden v. Owle Construction, LLC (jurisdiction)

* News Bulletin
In the "Environment & Energy" section we feature an article on a conflict in Wisconsin between a planned mine and preserving lands of cultural significance.

* Law Review & Bar Journal Indian Law Bulletin
We feature an article describing criminal jurisdiction challenges that can make Indian country unsafe.

* Regulatory Bulletin
We feature a notice of public meeting of the National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology to begin developing recommendations to the Administrator regarding actions that EPA can take in response to the National Academy of Sciences Report on Incorporating Sustainability in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.