March 16, 2009

Wolfchild v. United States featured in U.S. Courts of Appeals Bulletin

This week, we feature a case relating to the Interior Department and trust responsibility to Dakota descendants who were promised land in the late 1800s. U.S. Courts of Appeals Bulletin - find case summaries and links to source documents at:

Wolfchild v. United States (Fiduciary accountability)

*Synopsis: Lineal descendants of Mdewakanton Sioux who were loyal to United States during 1862 Sioux Outbreak in Minnesota brought suit against United States for breach of fiduciary duty and contract in management of property originally provided for benefit of loyal Mdewakanton. The United States Court of Federal Claims, Charles F. Lettow, J., 62 Fed.Cl. 521, ruled that government had breached its fiduciary duties, and government filed interlocutory appeal.