June 26, 2024

Indian Law Bulletins Updated 6/26/2024

Federal Courts Bulletin

  • Tanner-Brown v. Haaland (Injury-in-Fact; Standing; Freedmen)
  • Rincon Mushroom Corporation of America, et al. v. Mazzetti, et al. (Tribal Court; Tribal Regulatory Jurisdiction)
  • Santee Sioux Nation v. Tso, et al. (Contracts Dispute Act (CDA); Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA))
  • Rodriguez v. State of Montana (Indian Child Welfare Act; Jurisdiction)
  • Chemehuevi Indian Tribe v. United States (Breach of Fiduciary Duties; Tucker Act; Water Rights)
  • Quechan Indian Tribe v. United States of America (Cultural Resource Damages; Resource Equivalency Analysis)
  • United States of America v. Stevens, et al. (Tribal Property Held in Trust; Permit Default; Trespass)

Tribal Courts Bulletin

  • Jones v. Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise (Negligence; Actual Damages)
  • Mathews v. Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise (Dangerous Condition; Proximate Cause)

State Courts Bulletin

  • Surface Water Use Permit Applications, Integration of Appurtenant Rights and Amendments to the Interim Instream Flow Standards, Nā Wai ‘Ehā Surface Water Management Areas of Waihe‘e River, Waiehu Stream, Wailuku River (Previously Known as ‘Īao Stream) and Waikapū Stream, Maui (Water Rights)

U.S. Legislation - 118th Congress Bulletin

  • H.R.8790 - To expedite under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and improve forest management activities on National Forest System lands, on public lands under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management, and on Tribal lands to return resilience to overgrown, fire-prone forested lands, and for other purposes.
  • H.R.8791 - To provide for the settlement of the water rights claims of the Fort Belknap Indian Community, and for other purposes.
  • H.R.8829 - To expedite new Tribal court assessments and base support funding, and for other purposes.

U.S. Regulatory Bulletin

  • Magnuson-Stevens Act Provisions; Fisheries Off West Coast States; Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery; 2024 Harvest Specifications for Pacific Whiting and 2024 Pacific Whiting Tribal Allocation (Commerce)

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin (contact us if you need help finding a copy of an article)

  • Access to justice in the shadow of colonialism.
  • Batok in the east, aloha in the west: intellectual property protections of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines and the United States.
  • Chief Justice Angela R. Riley and Professor Suzette Malveaux in conversation at the eleventh annual John Paul Stevens Lecture: The third sovereign: Tribal courts and Indian Country justice.
  • E hoʻi ka nani i Mokuʻula lā: The Commission on Water Resource Management’s public trust duty to fully restore Mokuʻula and Mokuhinia.
  • Naloxone and methadone access in Tribal communities.
  • Native nation resistance to the machinations of settler colonial democracy.
  • Responsible governance and Tribal customary rights.
  • The vision of Chief Justice William S. Richardson.
  • Wai ea: restoring Hawaiʻi’s public trust and reclaiming Lahaina’s water future.
  • Where’s Mr. Postman? The struggles of voting by mail in Indian Country.

News Bulletin

This week, in brief:

  • Federal leaders knew Northwest dams would hurt Native communities — and they approved
  • In green energy boom, one federal agency made the Yakama Nation an offer they had to refuse
  • Where the buffalo roamed: Bill would return herds to ancestral Native American lands
  • They took part in Apache ceremonies. Their schools expelled them for satanic activities
  • U.S. Senate unanimously passes bill to return land to Nebraska’s Winnebago Tribe