February 2, 2022

Indian Law Bulletins Updated 2/2/22

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Federal Courts Bulletin

  • United States v. Johnson (Assimilative Crimes Act)
  • The Shawnee Tribe v. Yellen (CARES Act)

State Courts Bulletin

  • State of Iowa v. Cungtion (Criminal Jurisdiction)
  • State of Iowa v. Bear (Criminal Jurisdiction)

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin (contact us if you need help finding a copy of an article)

  • Healthcare self-governance.
  • Analyzing the implications of the Supreme Court's application of the Canons of Construction in recent federal Indian law cases.
  • This land is not our land, this land is their land: Returning national park lands to their rightful protectors.
  • John Locke's theory of property, and the dispossession of Indigenous peoples in the settler-colony.
  • How Alaska Native Corporations can better support Alaska Native Villages.
  • The importance of abolition of the carceral state for Native survivors.
  • The potential of bison restoration as an ecological approach to future tribal food sovereignty on the northern Great Plains.
  • Bison, tribes, and brucellosis in the interagency bison management plan.

News Bulletin
This week, in brief:

  • Tribes reach $590 million opioid settlement with J.&J. and distributors
  • Peltier's defense committee demands release of 77-year-old activist
  • Full-time NAGPRA investigator hired for first time in decades
  • Feeling 'the presence of my ancestors': Protecting sacred Indigenous land near Joshua Tree
  • Tribal nations are locked inside the U.S. water regime
  • Supreme Court appointment could re-position tribal law
  • Increasing the supply of healthcare for Native Americans
  • The economics of climate accountability
  • American Indian course highlights importance of Indigenous causes on campus
  • California museum returns massacre remains to Wiyot Tribe
  • Indigenous political activists, scholars speak on importance of learning from Indigenous thought, environmental impact
  • Tribal survey captures deepening food insecurity in Indian Country that federal data has missed
  • DinĂ© ancestors discovered: Southwest’s dark side uncovered in search for family history