October 19, 2018

NILL added new content to the Indian Law Bulletins on 10/17

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin (contact us if you need help finding a copy of an article)
  • The misuse of history in dismissing Six Nations confederacy land claims.
  • How the Trump administration can inform its Indian land policies in light of historical breakdowns.
  • Welcome to the Mvskoke Resrevation: Murphy v. Royal, criminal jurisdiction, and reservation diminishment in Indian country.
  • Tribal cannabis: Solution to Oklahoma public education underfunding.
  • Murphy v. Royal: Crime and procedure.
  • Tribal rights to groundwater: The case of Agua Caliente.
  • Our sovereignty, patently: A historical perspective on fitting patent rights with state and tribal sovereign immunity.
  • The constitution of our tribal republic.
Federal Courts Bulletin
Wilson v. Horton's Towing (Civil Forfeiture)
The Tulalip Tribes and the Consolidated Borough of Quil Ceda Village v. The State of Washington (Fraudulent Banking Practices)
Brackeen v. Zinke (Indian Child Welfare Act)
Shingobee Builders, Inc. v. North Segment Alliance (Tribal Sovereign Immunity)
Winnemucca Indian Colony v. Department of the Interior (Comity; Enrollment; Elections)

State Courts Bulletin
In re E.R. (Jurisdiction)
State v. Roy (Interjurisdictional Rule on Jail Credit)

Photo of North Dakota capitol building
News Bulletin
In the Voting section, we feature articles relating to a court ruling regarding voting rights in North Dakota.

U.S. Legislation Bulletin
The following bills were added:
S.3568: Rural MOMS Act (See Sec. 3)
S.7034: Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas Water Rights Settlement Agreement Act.

Tribal Courts Bulletin
Sherlock v. Navajo Election Administration (Elections - Candidates)