October 11, 2017

NILL added new content to the Indian Law Bulletins on 10/11

U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin
Petition was filed in Kansas v. National Indian Gaming Commission (Indian Lands - Gaming)
Petition was filed in Herrera v. Wyoming (Treaty Hunting Rights)
Petition was denied in French v. Starr (Tribal Jurisdiction - Non-member)
Petition for certiorari was denied in Williams v. Poarch Band of Creek Indians (Employment Law; Tribal Sovereign Immunity)
Petition for certiorari was denied in Hackford v. Utah (Criminal Jurisdiction)

Standing Rock Sioux tribal seal

News Bulletin
In the Energy & Environment section, see a couple of stories about the current status of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Tribal Courts Bulletin
Contereras v. Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority (Tribal Sovereign Immunity)
Frank v. Jackson (Employment Law - Wrongful Termination)

U.S. Federal Courts Bulletin
County of Amador v. United States Department of the Interior (Land into Trust)
Sturgeon v. Frost (Alaska National Preserve - Regulation of Hovercraft)
United States v. Long (Criminal Law - Prohibited Person in Possession of Firearm)
United States of America v. State of New Mexico (Indian Water Rights)
Forest County Potawatomi Community v. Zinke (Gaming; Freedom of Information Act)
Baley v. United States (Indian Water Rights - Klamath Project)
FMC Corporation v. Shoshone-Bannock Tribes (Tribal Jurisdiction - Permit Fees)
Begay v. Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation (Navajo-Hopi Settlement Act - Relocation Benefits)

State Courts Bulletin
Wilkes and Russell v. PCI Gaming Authority (Tribal Sovereign Immunity)
Rape v. Poarch Band of Creek Indians (Tribal Sovereign Immunity)
Harrison v. PCI Gaming Authority (Tribal Sovereign Immunity)

U.S. Regulatory Bulletin   
The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking input on the department's strategic plan 2018-2022.

U.S. Legislation Bulletin
The following bills were added:
H.R.3873: Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017.
S.1953: A bill to amend the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2020 and the Indian Law Enforcement Reform Act to provide for advancements in public safety services to Indian communities, and for other purposes.
S.1895: A bill to reauthorize the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996, and for other purposes.
S.1942: A bill to direct the Attorney General to review, revise, and develop law enforcement and justice protocols appropriate to address missing and murdered Indians, and for other purposes.
H.R.3917: To amend the Public Health Service Act to extend funding for the special diabetes program for Indians.
H.R.2402: San Juan County Settlement Implementation Act.
H.R.3894: Tribal Heritage and Grizzly Bear Protection Act.
S.1948: A bill to abrogate the sovereign immunity of Indian tribes as a defense in inter partes review of patents.

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin
We feature these articles:
Columbia River tribal housing: Federal progress addressing long unmet obligations.
Indigenizing equality.