May 22, 2014

NILL added new content to 5 Indian Law Bulletins on 5/22

* State Courts Bulletin
Cases featured:
In the Matter of D. Johnson (Indian Child Welfare Act, termination of parental rights)
In re Interest of Shayla H. et al. (Indian Child Welfare Act, active efforts)

* United States Federal Trial Courts Bulletin
Cases featured:
Bodi v. Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians (wrongful termination, sovereign immunity)

* News Bulletin
In the "Fiduciary Duty" section, we feature a couple of articles providing updates on the Cobell trust fund settlement.

* Law Review & Bar Journal Indian Law Bulletin  
We feature an article about the recent Supreme Court’s Patchak decision.

* U.S. Legislation Bulletin
One new bill was added:
S.2299: A bill to amend the Native American Programs Act of 1974 to reauthorize a provision to ensure the survival and continuing vitality of Native American languages.