September 5, 2012

NILL added new content to 7 Indian Law Bulletins on 9/05

* U.S. Supreme Court Bulletin
Petition for certiorari was filed in Oravec v. Cole (equal protection, legal services).

* U.S. Courts of Appeals Bulletin
Cases featured:
Contour Spa at the Hard Rock Inc. v. Seminole Tribe of Florida (sovereign immunity, leasing agreement)

* U.S. Federal Trial Courts Bulletin
Cases featured:
Jackson v. Tracy (Indian Civil Rights Act, right to counsel)
Federal Trade Commission v. AMG Services (Federal Trade Commission, jurisdiction)

* State Courts Bulletin
Cases featured:
Automotive United Trades Organization v. Washington (fuel tax compacts)

* News Bulletin
In the "Tribal Jurisdiction" section we feature an article describing a revised criminal code recently passed by the Hopi Tribal Council regarding the Tribal Law and Order Act.

* Regulatory Bulletin
We include a rule from the Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service regarding special early-season migratory bird hunting regulations for certain tribes on Federal Indian reservations, off-reservation trust lands, and ceded lands.
* U.S. Legislation Bulletin
One bill was added: H.R. 3521 Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012.